First casino for 171 years in the Principality of Liechtenstein

After 171 years, there is finally a new casino in the Principality of Liechtenstein. For the gambling halls in eastern Switzerland and southern Germany, this means above all a new competition. Whether there will be more besides this in the future, is open, especially as the attitude of Liechtenstein towards casinos was rather negative for a long time. Last 1999 wanted to open a casino in the Principality. At that time it was Prime Minister Frick, who opposed the project strictly and stressed that it was not the goal of the Principality to receive an Eldorado touch.

Now, however, the attitude of Liechtenstein seems to have changed. Thus, after more than a century, a subsidiary of Novomatic opened the first gambling hall in the Principality. Novomatic has made a name for itself as a gaming giant worldwide.

Although residents of Liechtenstein now no longer play casino online and have to resort to providers in Germany or Switzerland, the opening took place without any major celebrations. The match hall in Ruggell opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday. The owner, the Casino Admiral Liechtenstein, is currently involved in several companies. In addition to the ACE Casino Holding, which comes from Switzerland, it is the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The participating companies have chosen Liechtenstein in particular because of the attractiveness of the location. The situation in the tri-border region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland is associated with enormous potential for the company.

Other companies want to dare to move to Liechtenstein
However, Novomatic AG is not alone with the idea of opening a casino in Liechtenstein. As it became known, other companies are currently considering setting up a branch in the Principality. These include first and foremost Casinos Austria AG. The company is a state party and plans to move to neighboring Liechtenstein. A location for a game room has already been found. According to the casino of the Austrian operators in Schaanwald arise.

The now opened casino was preceded by a long planning phase. It took several years for the gates of the arcade to actually open after the first idea. Ruggell, site of the casino, is the northernmost municipality in the Principality. There are no entrance fees for the Novomatic Spielhalle in Liechtenstein. In addition, despite the location in the business center Kokon, the operators expect only casual clothing.

Meanwhile, 45 employees are employed by the company for the smooth operation of the casino.

2010 came new money game law
The fact that the opening of a casino in Liechtenstein is even possible, was made possible only in 2010 after years of dispute. After the principality rejected gambling for a long time, the parliament decided seven years ago to approve the new gambling law. With the new law, the ban on gambling, which existed since 1949, was finally lifted. However, the decision of the government and parliament was not unfounded. Both were hoping for new impulses for the national economy in Liechtenstein in the first place.

The planning of a first casino was preceded by applications submitted by two companies for the concession. The Principality chose one of the two applicants, which resulted in a long legal battle. The second applicant filed a claim with the Liechtenstein court, trying to overturn the decision. Most recently, the EFTA Court, whose seat is in Luxembourg, was involved in the lawsuit. After a decision of the court, the call for tenders would have had to be repeated.

However, the Parliament of the Principality and the government decided to re-adjust the legal conditions. Thus the operators did not receive a concession, but a so-called permission. The Liechtensteiner casino lures against the competition abroad with clearly lower tax rates. Depending on the gaming revenue, the players in the principality only have to pay 17.5 to 40 percent tax.

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