FunFair is breaking new ground in casino games with its own cryptocurrency

With FunFair, Jez San is launching a concept that will allow users to play casino online in a whole new way. The focus is on the crypto currency Ethereum, which replaces the classic currency in the casino games on FunFair. For a long time, Jez San has been pioneering cryptocurrency and gaming. The latest FunFair project allows him to combine all the strengths that Jez San has made a name for himself.

The concept of the cryptocurrency is not new. One of the most successful models of this kind, which enjoys worldwide renown today, is Bitcoin. FunFair is building on this success with Ethereum. Ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin in itself, but can be used much more extensively. The basis for this is a transparent, open and just as fair platform that enables Ethereum to implement complete software programs. The many design options allow, for example, the integration into popular online casinos and their games.

How exactly this implementation can look like, shows Jez San with the example of FunFair. The new concept is realized based on the blockchain approach.

New concept is safe from manipulation
The greatest strength of this hitherto extraordinary combination is the security against manipulation. Since the data records used are stored in the form of their hash value on a database, access to it by unauthorized persons is not possible. The data records are concatenated on the special database in such a way that manipulation is hardly feasible. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been working on this principle for a long time.

In order to make online casinos fit for this system in the future, Jez San relies on the use of Double Smart Contracts. For the new Ethereum-based online casinos would speak above all the associated security. So far, online offers such as Merkur online or even the PayPal Casino are repeatedly the target of hackers who gain access in various ways.

San can already point to millions of dollars
Which hopes rest now on the new concept, first figures show. Thus, Jez San could already collect about 26 million dollars for the new offer. For San himself, this is not the first project of its kind. The expert has already gained extensive experience in the games sector. With an initial coin offer, he has now managed to collect a million for his new approach. In the past he made a name for himself as Argonaut Games founder. The company existed from 1982 to 2006 and was extremely successful in the games market. Well-known game titles such as Star Fox come from the developer pen of Jez San.

After spending a long time focusing exclusively on the games section, he finally made the leap into the gambling sector and was able to bring in his extensive expertise here. In the area of online casinos, he made a name for himself more than a decade ago with the launch of his own PKR platform. Here, players with real money in the form of 3D avatars can play online poker. The success of this project was not long in coming. The platform already counted over 5 million users in 2006, when San turned its back on its successful establishment.

Despite continued investment by San, PKR has not been able to survive in the market until today, eventually collapsing with real money under pressure from the online poker world. FunFair is currently enjoying San’s full attention. In the future, companies that can point to a gambling license can fall back on casino games based on the use of Ethereum. An advantage of the new platform is the high speed with which it works. The use of the cryptocurrency bridges above all previous disputes, which resulted in online casinos, for example, due to different currencies and conversion rates.

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