Gambling Barometer 3/2018 shows: Germans do not want to lose their arcades

The new edition of the Gambling Barometer shows that the majority of Germans are in favor of preserving the legal gambling halls. The Gambling Barometer is a representative survey that provides the most important information, numbers and trends on the German gambling market at regular intervals.

The central topic of the current publication is the impact of the State Treaty on Gaming. This came into force last summer in almost all German federal states and includes various restrictions for arcade operators, including the controversial minimum distance regulation. Industry experts assume that by 2021 numerous jobs in German gambling halls will be lost.

These are the three key points of the survey
In the most recent edition of 3/2018, the makers examined the subject of the labor market and the economic significance of the German gaming industry. There are three main results in focus:

82% of Germans want to get the endangered jobs in officially approved gambling halls
94% are not aware of the economic importance of the gambling industry
85% find that politicians ignore the gambling industry
Considering that the State Treaty on Gambling is directed exclusively against land-based and officially licensed German gambling halls, it can be deduced from the results that the overwhelming majority of Germans are seeking to preserve gambling halls in the country.

40,000 jobs in danger in the next three years
According to the experts, if the State Treaty on the Adaptation of Games of State reaches its full extent, it can be expected that around 40,000 jobs will be lost by 2021 over the next three years.

Currently, numerous lawsuits and lawsuits are still pending with the German courts, with which arcade operators defend themselves against closure decisions.

The German gambling industry employs around 200,000 people. They all work directly or indirectly for a variety of gambling businesses, from gambling halls to casinos to software developers. Should 40,000 of these jobs disappear, this would represent a 20% decline.

Gaming companies offer important employment opportunities
Another reason for the unconditional preservation of the numerous jobs in the German gambling industry is the type of jobs. For example, in the service sector, the casino offers a wide range of job opportunities for people without a completed vocational training. Thanks to the company’s own continuing education and training programs and its own training occupations within the industry, newcomers, returnees and non-academics alike find stable and responsible employment here. This fact is supported by 78% of the participants in the current gambling barometer.

Dr. Daniel Herzgen, the spokesman for the Lions Group, called the State Treaty on Gaming “one of the biggest job killers in recent history” due to the prospect of 40,000 lost jobs. He also called on politics to finally acknowledge this fact and act accordingly.

Education and dual studies at Gauselmann
The Gauselmann Group, Germany’s largest gaming company and manufacturer of the popular Merkur online slots, offers a wide range of training occupations and even dual study places. A total of 16 training occupations and three dual study programs are available at numerous different locations. Gauselmann is also certified as “Best Place to Learn”.

Every year between 60 and 100 young people can start their apprenticeship at Germany’s largest vending machine manufacturer. Among the fields and occupations offered include commercial professions such as Automatenfachmann- / woman specializing in machine services, industrial clerk / woman or wholesale and foreign trade merchant / woman. In addition, there are system electronics specialists and IT specialists in the technical field as well as dual studies with a focus on business administration, information technology or business informatics.

As a software manufacturer, especially the Gauselmann subsidiary Merkur is known among German players. Titles such as Book of Ra, the Double and Triple Chance series as well as Slots like Hocus Pocus, Spacemen and many more belong to the most popular games of the developers.

Economic power of the gambling market is underestimated
Many Germans are unaware of the economic importance of the gambling industry. In 2017 alone, the industry generated more than 13.5 billion in gross gaming revenues.

In addition, the federal and state governments also benefit each year from the tax payments of the gaming companies. These amount annually to almost 5 billion euros, which must pay the companies in the form of amusement, sales and other taxes to the Treasury.

94% of respondents were unaware of this fact. Many also did not know that the State Treaty on Gaming is aimed solely at legal gambling halls and not against the black market.

Gambling Barometer interviews 1,000 people
The Gambling Barometer is commissioned by Löwen Entertainment. The Löwen Group is a German subsidiary of the Austrian gaming company Novomatic. In the survey, 1,000 people are interviewed in online interviews, which serve as a representative sample for the German population.

In addition to the current situation on the labor market, the makers of the study have already dealt with issues such as gambling advertising. It was found that more and more providers advertise their products and services. For many gambling areas, however, there are no clear rules, so that the flood of advertising can quickly prevail.

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