Greentube launches digital platform for third casino project

In addition to classic online casinos, the first social casinos are now entering the market. The underlying concept promises a decisive advantage. So no real financial commitment is made at the social casinos. Instead, it is played with fictitious currencies. First social casinos of this kind are gaining popularity.

The company Greentube has now decided to open another social casino. With the platform Play Mount Airy Greentube presents a digital copy of his eponymous casino department. If you want to play casino online on the social platform, you will find the lobby known from the resort as well as other important parts that are important for the arcade.

For Greentube, this is already the third project of its kind. It kicked off with a digital edition of Foxwoods Resort Casino, based in Connecticut, USA. With the social casino project the Play Mount Airy becomes now on digital level for Gamer accessible. BlueBat was involved in the digital acquisition of the most important casino components. The company has worked closely with Greentube Pro for this purpose. With Greentube Pro Greentube has launched its first in-house social media platform.

Social casino should provide for new customers
Access to the Play Mount Airy is possible online without any restriction. The operators are hoping to get new players excited about the casino offering. Furthermore, the social projects for Greentube represent a significant modernization of marketing, which was previously operated for the stationary settled companies. In addition to the casino itself, users can of course also take a look at the range of games. It shows the same games that are also available in the actual arcade.

So that the online offer can be used extensively without any restrictions, there is an edition of the Play Mount Airy for both the classic desktop PC as well as for tablets and smartphones. The Game Room Manager highlighted the launch of the digital platform as one of the goals to make home-based the experience of players gathered at Play Mount Airy. So far, the casino has been able to refer mainly to local customers, the platform could now make the gambling hall known nationwide and thus provide a new influx of players.

Effect of social casinos is versatile
The people in charge at Greentube have already come to appreciate the comprehensive effects of social casinos after the first two projects. Thus, social casinos can not only be used to attract new players, but also to alert gamers who have turned away from the offer. Many would then actually make the jump from the online environment back to the local regional casinos.

The assumption is supported by a survey by SuperData. The gaming research organization came to the conclusion that a total of 82 percent of users of social casinos finally visited the real casino again within a year. Even within six months, 60 percent of Internet users are opting for the regional offer again.

The visit of the social casinos is for many players in the first place a preparation for the visit in the real play halls. The PC users spend at least 69 minutes on average in the online gambling halls. For mobile users, the time window is slightly lower at about 57 minutes. The online offerings are flexible in their actual design, so that new machines, which are set up at the regional location, can be quickly integrated online. This goes hand in hand with completely new marketing opportunities for the operators.

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